Rose PR


Rose PR is a full-service Canadian public relations agency specializing in media relations, brand consulting, influencer marketing, social media management, experiential events and corporate communications We work at the cutting edge of a range of industry sectors that includes; Fashion & Design, Food & Service, Cannabis, Travel & Hospitality, Technology, Real Estate, Retail & E-Commerce, Consumer Goods & Manufacturing, Beauty and much more. Rose PR offers each client a unique 360-degree experience based on actionable data that ensures both an innovative and successful result.



Rose PR was founded in 2014 by Ashley Rosenberger, a Montreal native with over 12 years of experience in the field. Before entering the PR arena formally, Ashley had 20 years of practice as a social butterfly whose favorite past times included networking, solidifying relationships and mastering the art of interpersonal communication. While successfully pursuing her undergraduate degree in Political Science at McGill University, Ashley spent a summer in New York working at an Entertainment PR firm where she was exposed to the effervescent world of 24/7 communication and the optimization of various brands. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts, Ashley immediately pursued her second degree at McGill – a Graduate Diploma in Public Relations.

After building an extensive roster of media and business contacts throughout Canada, the buds of her experience had blossomed and finally it was time for Ashley to build her own PR agency. The rest is history.



Adele is a graduate from the University of Western Ontario, where she earned an honors B.A. with distinction in Political Science. A Montreal native and long-time foodie, décor, fashion and beauty lover, Adele is a natural fit for lifestyle PR. As Senior Account Manager, she is tasked with developing and overseeing PR and Influencer campaigns, managing influencer and press relations, as well as creating press dossiers, and all additional press documents.



Marta earned a BSc in French and Management from the University of Bath, before embarking on a career in PR and Communications. Marta has a passion for people and languages and loves PR for the chance it gives her to work on a variety of fascinating projects, particularly in a city as diverse and exciting as Montreal. At Rose PR, Marta works on managing client accounts, tracking press reporting, as well as co-developing and executing media campaigns.



Lynsey, a Montreal native, is a graduate from the University of Western Ontario, where she earned an Honours B.A. with Distinction in Media, Information and Technoculture. Having a background in creative writing and graphic design, Lynsey has always had a passion for public relations and communications. At Rose PR, Lynsey works on co-developing and executing media campaigns, influencer relations, and daily coordination for Rose PR’s various accounts.

“We live in a world where image is everything, where public impressions are a determining factor in success. Our job is to craft or revamp one’s image and one’s brand and to communicate it to the public. With the right tools in place, your brand will end up in the spotlight.”

Ashley Rosenberger, Founder